'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser and His Wife Cynthia Daniel Stun in New Vacation Photos

'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser and His Wife Cynthia Daniel Stun in New Vacation Photos

If we didn't have travel fever already, these photos from Yellowstone star Cole Hauser would certainly put us over the edge! Cole, who portrays Rip Wheeler on the hit show, has been married to Cynthia Daniel since 2006, and the couple has three children together, Colt, Ryland, and Steely Rose. This month, they jetted off for a tropical vacation in the Caribbean island of Anguilla and shared the pics with their fans on social media. It looks like paradise!

Cole shared a selfie with his wife on the beach. He wrote, "Much needed Solo adventure with my baby @cynhauser 'Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell.' " Fans loved seeing this photo of the couple and wrote comments like, "Looking great you two!" and "Enjoy your time together!!! 🥰 Then, it's time to get back in the saddle!🤠🐴 Can't wait for season 5!!"

Cynthia shared photos on her feed too. In one, she wears a black bikini and has her arm draped around Cole in the pool. A shirtless Cole has his ram tattoo on full display. Cynthia's twin sister Brittany, who starred alongside her in Sweet Valley High, wrote, "Teenage love!😍" One fan chimed in with, "Both beautiful people, but together, you are the perfect couple. ❤️🔥love Cole’s tattoo."

Another photo shows Cole in relaxation mode. He even has his trademark toothpick!

Cole also created a stir on Instagram when he posted a video from his interview with Men's Journal. Eagle-eyed Yellowstone fans noticed one thing: his hair! It looks like the actor has traded his natural red hair for darker locks—and, they speculate, that can only mean one thing. He's back to shooting Yellowstone! One commenter said, "Ooooooooh the hair is dark again. You know what that means !" and another pointed out, "Dark hair becomes you 😍🔥"

Rip, of course, has dark hair under his trademark cowboy hat. Cole explained the reason for the hair transformation on The Jenny McCarthy Show. His hair was too similar to Kelly Reilly's who plays his love interest, Beth Dutton: "When I first got the role, as you know Kelly's a ginger and I'm ginger as well. So we looked like we were brother and sister! So we kind of had to make sure that wouldn't be the case."

Paramount Network has confirmed that the show will be back for season 5, on 13 NOV. If Cole is back on set, it seems like he and his wife took a well-deserved vacation before shooting resumed. Whatever the case, we're looking forward to seeing Cole back on screen soon.


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