Yellowstone Season 5: Who’s the Most Dangerous Character?

Yellowstone Season 5: Who’s the Most Dangerous Character?

 Yellowstone Season 5: Who’s the Most Dangerous Character?

Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley)

Jamie’s character has been one that has had so much heaped upon him. Granted, he is not innocent of his own transgression, and many of his actions have led to even more being heaped upon him, but it has seemed for a long time that his character is meant to play a massive role in the final Yellowstone chapters.

In the first four seasons, we see the tense relationship Jamie has with Beth grow into
venomous vitriol-spitting hatred. We’ve seen John use Jamie time and time again. We’ve
 seen Jamie’s plans and aspirations in life go horribly wrong or are brushed aside by John.

 We discovered John wasn’t even Jamie’s biological father in the first place, and when Jamie

 finally got a little stability and support from his real father (Will Patton), Jamie is forced to

 kill him the terrifying once again serve the family that has shown him nothing but


Is this not enough to make anyone snap?

Many audience members are thinking there’s no way this predominantly spineless character

 could stand up to Beth or John. In the terrifying manner in which season 4 concluded, Beth

 had Jamie’s manhood once again firmly in her designer purse after getting 

the man to beg on his hands and knees, but this is where a hint of the Sheridan formula seems to be leaking. 

We’ve seen Jamie lose control before when he unleashed his terrifying fight or flight

response on the investigative journalist, Sarah (Michaela Conlin), committing his first

murder. Now, after four seasons of abuse at the hands of Beth and John, and having 

recently murdered his biological father, losing that support system that seemed to ground

him, we may be witnessing the beginning of Jamie’s breaking point. 

If Jamie were to finally, become the man John always wanted from his adoptive son, it may


 manifest in an explosive and catastrophic form.

This could go two ways. Jamie, being very good at his job when properly motivated, could

 merely create a Montana-sized mountainous pile of legal troubles for his adoptive family.

 As Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) once told Waters (Atticus Todd) about Jamie; you should

 be afraid of lawyers, as “no one knows how to break the law better”. 

While it may garner  some respect from John and perhaps even win over skeptical audience

 members, this form  of revenge is not the most cinematic.

It would be an absolutely delicious and tragic twist if Jamie finally stands up for

 himself, and in typical fashion, does so in entirely the wrong way. 

The entire Yellowstone saga has been almost Shakespearean, and having Jamie cause real 

physical harm to Beth or John would not only be fitting be fitting but could set the story 

down so many unexpected and thrilling roads. Perhaps it is Jamie who finally, irreparably 

damages the very fabric of the Dutton family. 

Whether you sympathize with Jamie or think everything he gets is deserved,

 you must admit, a shocking act of violence from this man… wouldn’t actually be all that


Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver)

Perhaps it isn’t John who will be the end of Beth. Perhaps it will be small but equally

 savage CEO of Market Equities? Audiences have seen a clown car full of corporate stooges

 come and go as villains to the Dutton’s existence, but eventually one of them has to get 

the better of the family.

Sheridan is a writer that often pushes the edge of tragedy (if not completely leaping off the ledge sometimes)

 which means that eventually one of the antagonists has to at least somewhat get the 

better of the family. 

Unlike those other ‘clowns’, Caroline seems like a real threat. 

For years Yellowstone has also introduced some of the smartest, strongest female characters who are

 almost always the equals of their male counterparts, and Warner fits this welcomed

archetype to a tee. In one of the more memorable moments from the season 4 finale, 

she was one of the only characters who has been able to silence Beth’s razor sharp tongue, 

even for a moment. That tells you Beth even sees Warner as a real threat, both to her own

 immediate freedom and to the future of the Yellowstone ranch.

Will Weaver be the reason Beth is put in prison? Will John have to make a deal with her 

to keep as much of his kingdom as he can? Will this be yet another reason that Rip will be unleashed, 

and become a danger to everyone around him? These are all certainly strong possibilities,

 and at the very At least, we know that Warner needs to be taken seriously, and dealt with 

perhaps even more seriously.

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