Yellowstone : Why Does Beth Dutton Hold Hatred For Summer?

Yellowstone : Why Does Beth Dutton Hold Hatred For Summer?

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There were plenty of explosive moments in Season 4 of Yellowstone but there was one that simply wasn’t talked about enough. That scene also begs the question, why does Beth Dutton hold such hatred for the newcomer, Summer?

The pair showed antipathy to one another almost immediately. More accurately, Kelly Reilly’s character showed great antipathy for Summer Higgins. In fact, when the woman saw her dad had apparently spent the night with Summer, it almost became literally bloody.

Because this is Yellowstone, tensions seem to always run high. This show is, after all; a drama. The show needs to find a way to keep people glued to their TV or device. In order to do that, sparks fly early and often.

Still, that particular exchange, where a knife quite literally came out seemed over the top even for this show. Now Reilly believes she has some insight into why the tension in the room went from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds.

Kelly Reilly Knows Why Beth Dutton Holds Such Hatred For Newcomer Summer

Speaking on Paramount’s Behind the Story feature about season four, episode six, Reilly explained her thoughts.

“Summer is someone John Dutton meets and sort of has a fling with,” the actress explained. “It turns out Beth actually doesn’t like it.”

Reilly then really delved into why Beth Dutton has such a problem with Summer.

“She’s so protective of John and she does see Summer as someone who’s sort of an enemy,” she said. “Because she doesn’t see Summer as someone who sees or appreciates or understands at all what this world is or who he is.”

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She then explained the scene where her character pulled out that knife.

“Then suddenly she’s having breakfast with her and, you know, Beth can be cruel and Beth can be mean,” Reilly added. “I mean, Beth needs to go to therapy and really figure that out (laughs).”

Disagreement Comes To A Head

It turns out that Summer learned the hard way that being on the wrong side of Beth Dutton has major consequences. Despite her father telling her to back off, she had one more card up her sleeve.

She tipped off Summer – who was an environmental protestor – about a place where she and her group should go and protest. However, it was always clear that Reilly’s character knew the woman played by Piper Perabo was going to get herself into real trouble.

In fact, Summer did get into real trouble, getting arrested. Because of the crimes she was charged with, and a very unfriendly judge, the environmentalist faced decades behind bars. In the end, she avoids the worst sentence she could have gotten. It still seems as if Yellowstone viewers and Beth Dutton won’t be seeing her again.

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